During a speed deadlift day I look for three things: explosiveness, near perfect form and short rest periods. Considering that the weight on these days is about 60-70% of my max, maintaining these three points is relatively easy. It shouldn’t take longer that 5-7 minutes to complete the dynamic/speed sets before we go on to the rest of the workout. This is what my workout looked like today.

Speed Tire Deadlift 8×1 @355 w/30 seconds between reps.

Romanian Deadlifts 4×10 @225

Sand Bag Carry and Load Medley with 175, 200, 225

Upperback Work 3×15-20

Because I am so close to my competition I am keeping the assistance work pretty light. At this point in the game it’s really important to “win the workout”, which means that you do enough to get stronger but not so much that you can’t recover. One of the events is a sand bag load and carry so I threw that in as some assistance work and then hit my back and called it a day. All in all it was a good workout, Friday will be my event day, which is my heaviest/most taxing day of the week.

If you guys have any questions about training, what I’m doing or you just want to say hello shoot me an email at norris2396@yahoo.com

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