Well guys today just wasn’t a good day for log press. I had planned to work up to a 215 log for a single and I just couldn’t lock the sucker out. Kind of a confidence shot, but hey what can you do? The log is definitely the event that I’m the most worried about for this competition. I still have a lot of technique work to do, so hopefully by the time the competition rolls around I’ll be able to get the 235 log for one rep. Hopefully.

Log Press- worked up to 215 for a single. I nailed 195 and felt really confident about 215 but it just didn’t happen.

Z-Press- I ran a 6×4 at 115 just to get some work in on for static strength from a dead stop

DB Incline- 3×8 with 75s

That was it for the day guys. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m really close to the competition and I’m cutting out most of the assistance work so I can focus on the meat and potatoes. I felt like poop and poop was what I produced.

Until Next Time,

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