I’m going to start this blog by saying this is not my idea, it’s Dave Tate’s and I’m just using it to make a point. I say this because I found this information somewhat profound and if someone else does I want them to know where this information came from.


Okay now that I won’t get sued for stealing Dave Tate’s idea let’s get on with my rambling. All of us have priorities in life, and whether we like it or not, fitness often takes a back seat to more important things. There’s nothing wrong with having priorities above fitness, and if fitness is your number one priority I will give you the number to a good psychiatrist. Fitness is something we do because we love, but it shouldn’t be placed above the birth of your child, a friends funeral or a handful of things more important than a barbell. This obvioulsy changes if you are a high level competitor who is chasing a world record/trying to win a world championship. However, if you are one of these people I would suggest that you find something better to do than read a blog of a 20 year old kid, seriously go train.

For the rest of you out there, at some point you need to sit down and think really hard about what your top four priorities in life are. I’m not talking about the ones your mom wants you to say (faith, family, business, fitness). These might very well be yours, but I want you to be much more specific about your priorities because these vague ones tend to fade away once any real adversity pops up. For example, a lot of people will put faith/Jesus/God/Church as their number one priority, but you can bet on 30-50% of them bailing out on that when the water gets too hot. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that it wasn’t actually a top priority for them and now they know, and yes this is directed at all the Chreesters out there. Those are the people who show up on Christmas and Easter for those of you out there wondering, my theory is that the church breaks out the best wine for communion on these days, so they feel like they can’t miss out on it

Okay, so back to priorities. If it’s not in your top four then it doesn’t hold a significant place in your life. For example, I love to play video games, like I love it. If I had a top six it would probably be in it, but I limited myself to four (damn you Dave Tate). However, if I had to stop playing video games my life really wouldn’t change that much. I’ve gone for months without doing it and never really batted an eye, and it’s in my top six. In order for something to truly be in your top four priorities you need to answer these question:

1.)Are you willing to put in the time?

All priorities are going to take up a disgusting amount of time. Have you tried hanging around your family at a time when they aren’t in your top four? That’s a freaking chore man, I’m talking about that Thanksgiving dinner when all you’re thankful for is getting the fuck heck away from those people in a couple hours. If something is truly in your top four, then no amount of time will seem like too much.

Think back to your first love, yeah that girl that looked way hotter with your horny love glasses on than she does on Facebook now. All you wanted to do was spend all of your time with her, go to mall with her, hold her purse (yes I did that, now shut up and let me type), and pretty much wait on her hand and foot. Whether you want to admit it or not she/he was a major priority in your life until you realized that she/he wasn’t all that and a bag of chips.

What in your life is worth that much time to you? Is lifting weights really so important to you that you would hold it’s purse at the mall? Yeah I didn’t think so, but that’s fine and probably healthy.

2.) Are You Willing to Stick it Out When it’s Hard

All things that are good in life are going to make you want to hit the screw-it button at some point. Your significant other nagging you about the stench of your armpits post leg day (leave me alone Shivani), your family (enough said), and even religion. The question you have to ask at this point is “How long am I willing to put up with this crap-storm before I hit that button and leave?” Unfortunately, this button has about a 50% percent rate for marriages, top priority for life right? Things change, but these top four should have a very low turnover rate, so before you go get hitched (or more importantly start powerlifting) answer that question.

3.) Am I Willing to Accept the Consequences for Placing this Priority Above Others?

Let’s go back to the high level athlete thing for a second, Brian Shaw (one of the strongest men to ever walk this earth) was willing to miss out on the world deadlift championship for the birth of his child. Thank God men like Brian Shaw exist. It’s not tough or awesome to miss your child’s birth for a game, it’s downright messed up. I don’t have kids yet, but I can’t imagine missing their birth for anything. If the reining worlds strongest man was willing to miss an attempt at a world record for the birth of his child then you have no excuse to miss yours. I just want to put this in perspective because this is all about priorities. Also do you really want to deal with a pissed off wife? “But honey look at this awesome trophy I got!”

What consequences are you willing to accept for the iron? Marriages, relationships and friendships have been lost to Lady Iron, and if you’re willing to sacrifice that then go for it. However, consider the consequences for a lengthy amount of time before you put lifting in your top four.

My List:

  • Family- I’m willing to do whatever it takes for my family, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes for me. I love them with everything I have, and I would miss a meet, competition or event if something were to happen to them. Seriously guys, if lifting is here for you get help.
  • My Closest Friends- Kind of the same thing as family to a lesser extent. If I had my competition planned and you want to drink a keg the night before then I’m not doing it, sorry call me tomorrow (seriously though, call me tomorrow). However, if I’m at a concert and your dumb ass gets stuck in the mud because you thought your Lexus was a truck, then you can bet your ass (which I’m saving) that I’m leaving that concert to come get you (yes this happened).
  •  Okay I’m going to cheat a little here and say Lifting and Business are tied. I’m going to do this because it depends on the time of year that I’m at. Currently I am 2 weeks away from my strongman competition, so making money and getting tail is going to have to wait for a little bit. However, if I’m not training for anything and I need some money then sure I’ll pick up the extra shift and just lift tomorrow.


Alright guys, that’s my super long post to try and convince you that lifting might not be that important to you. I don’t want to make negative posts, but I do want you to be realistic about how important certain things are to you. This is more for your sanity than anything else considering if one of these pillars were to fall because of lifting I promise you would hate yourself.


Until Next Time,

Awesomesauce should be a word, just saying