Today felt like an old school strength workou, I stuck to the basics and made sure that I was able to recover. Recently I’ve been missing reps and underperforming so it was nice to get back to the basics and go heavy. When life hands you missed reps just pray you don’t get hurt on the way down.

Swiss Bar OHP with a Neutral Grip- 5×5@155

Close Grip Bench Press 5×5 @a85

Single Arm Overhead Press 3×5 @60

Arms Super Set- just to get some blood in there because it had been a quick minute since I trained them.

Alrighty then girls and boys, the Swiss Bar OHP is a cruel Mistress. Unlike the Log where it rests on your chest and is a bit more stable (I can’t believe I just called a log stable) the Swiss Bar doesn’t have anywhere to rest so it forces you to stabilize the bar. It sucked, it was awful and I only wanted to quit 5 times. No biggie though. I chose this exercise because it provides a longer range of motion than the log while providing the same grip, so it’s a win-win when you get tired of the log. Did you see what I did there with that alliteration? 

Close Grip Bench felt good, but it was also a relatively light-weight for me. I was trying to work on my explosiveness off of my chest, which I did really well. Along with this using a close grip allows for me to heavily tax the triceps and hopefully build a stronger lockout on the log press. If you struggle to lock out a log like I do, then check out my article on my programming and accessory movements. The best tip for improving your lock out is to stop being a little girl and log press more. However, sometimes this isn’t an option and you need to correct a weak link, but most of the time practice and more practice will turn your weak ass into a hulk.

Single Arm Overhead Presses are something I really struggle with because my left shoulder is weak as hell. I could probably use 75 pounds for 5 reps on my right side, but my left side may not be able to get 2 or 3. Therefore, I keep it in my rotation to try and balance out strength between sides. So far I have reduced the gap quite a bit and as a result my log press has moved north of vag (into the land of 200+ pounds).

I did a superset for arms to end the workout, which isn’t all that important. If you want to train arms then just curl and do extensions because it’s really not that important, well other than giving girls a ticket to the gun show. Pow pow.

That’s all I did for my workout today, I hope you guys enjoy my blog and keep coming back. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment or shoot me an email at

Until Next Time,

Quit Being a Bitch and Lift Heavy