So this blog isn’t going to be on lifting, well it kind of will be but this is more of my musings about life. We live in a world that the generation which proceeded us sees as weak, or unfit to carry the torch. In some aspects I can understand their reservations at handing a dying world off to us, but I also know that their parents felt the same way about handing the world off to them. Our generation has begun to redefine what strength means and looks like. Whether it is for better or for worse is yet to be seen, but I have faith in our generation to do what needs to be done.

Strong is a word that gets tossed around by our parents generation a lot. “This guy was so strong, he benched 500 pounds,” or, “We used to be such a strong country.” I’m sure you’ve heard everything under the sun about what strength means 20 years ago because I sure have. Apparently we’re a bunch of good for nothing pansies who can’t do anything right, or what is more commonly known as liberal.

(Just so I can clear this up before an argument starts, I don’t care what you identify as. We are all people who have opinions and yours is just as important as mine. You can believe in whatever you want because that’s what freedom is, if you want to believe in Santa I don’t give a shit and Merry Christmas. Also if you’re a conservative and you’re reading this thinking I’m some kid from California who picks daisies all day, I’m from West Texas and I grew up in a conservative household, so keep that comment to yourself too.)

What does strong mean to THIS generation? Strong does not mean how many pounds you have on the bar, it means how many pounds you carry from life. Strength is persistence, strength is never giving up on what you believe in, but at the same time keeping an open mind. We see too many fights happen because of close-minded people, if you’re a liberal and you think that we should outlaw guns, at least listen to what the conservative person has to say (sidenote an AR-15 is not an automatic weapon, do your research). If you’re a conservative and you think that homosexuality is an abomination/sin/unnatural, then listen to the liberal before you slap them with a bible (sidenote, homosexuality is common in hundreds of species of animals, do your research). Strength is knowledge and knowledge is strength, we live in a world where information is more important than how much you squat and I’m fine with that. What I’m getting at is if you’re at either end of the spectrum for any party then you probably haven’t done enough research to know what the truth actually is. If we can’t balance our passions with knowledge then we can never have balance in our lives.

Being strong doesn’t mean winning at the detriment of others, it means helping others along the way. Strength means coaching someone to be better than you, it means helping even though they may become your competition. However, one cannot have relationships without service, and one will always fail without strong relationships. The day of the self-made man are over, not that they ever actually existed in the first place. Yes, many a man/woman has built themselves from nothing, but they all had an all-star supporting cast. If you think that you can do this on your own then have fun being broke and lonely. However, you can’t serve if you don’t let other people into your life, and others can’t serve you if they don’t know what you need. This tough guy bullshit needs to stop. We get it you’re #countrystrong, #selfmade, but what you really are is a person with needs just like everyone else. You need to feel love (a real man doesn’t need love, he just needs a steak), you need to have friends (all I need is my guitar and a beer), and you need be honest (what are you talking about, my eyes are sweating, those aren’t tears). At the same time, we have become too sensitive to other people thoughts and opinions. If someone doesn’t like you then fuck them, if you’re making everyone happy you’re living life wrong. Not everyone is going to provide you with positive feedback and they don’t have to, I’m sorry your best friend thinks your duct-tape wallet business will fail. People will be people so quit caring so much about what other people think and move on with your life. No one is self-made and no one is emotionless, being strong is accepting, giving and acknowledging others.

Lastly strength is not hating another group of people or an ideology. Islam is not the problem, guns are not the problem, gay people are not the problem, hate is the problem. I think everyone has read an article like this at least 100 times, but it takes no strength to hate. It just takes cowardice, ignorance and arrogance. Understanding something that is foreign is difficult, but immediately dismissing it as wrong/stupid/weak is wrong/stupid/weak of you. We used to think the world was flat, and the guy who said it wasn’t was punished. We used to have rampant discrimination and slavery, and the two main figureheads who stood up to it were both shot. This shooting business isn’t new, and neither is hate. We will always have people who hate and belittle, but accepting it is not something we have to stand for.

True strength does not come from lifting weights, that should be the easiest part of your day, it comes from doing what is right the other 23 hours of the day. I’m not talking about religiously right, I’m talking what is right for this generation. Being strong is not easy, if it were we wouldn’t have so many weak people. I used to be in the ultraconservative camp until I started to use my brain. I hate to admit it, but I was one of those guys that you would have shot if you didn’t think guns should be illegal. It doesn’t take strength to stay the same, it takes strength to change.


Until Next Time,

Be Strong