It’s the last week of heavy training before my strongman competition, I’m so excited! Today I ran through a squat workout, which was targeted towards explosiveness. I kept my accessories to a minimum as usual, but you don’t need that many exercises if you’re training hard. To all you guys out there that think you need 25 exercises per workout, try out actually training hard for 4 exercises. Push the effort and intensity and watch your body grow!

Squats 10 sets x 2 reps at 275

Front squat 3×5 at 195

Arched back good morning 3×10 at 195

Hip thrusts (messing around with my girlfriend because she wasn’t done training legs yet, you nasty) 3×20 at 115

Here’s a link to my YouTube video (it’s just me lifting) in case you want to see what it looked like

Until next time,

Hip thrust to glory