It’s my last log day before my strongman competition, I’m so close to competing and I’m beyond excited. I’ve put in so much hard work over the past 2-3 months, and it’s almost time to see what I can do. 

These past couple months have been a nice change of pace from powerlifting, and I feel like I’m actually strong for the first time. Sure I was putting up okay numbers on my lifts, but I was never functionally strong. Training for strongman has been a great overall experience, which has provided me with a new perspective on what strength actually is. I plan to continue training and competing for strongman long after this competition is over. 

Today was a repetition day so no heavy weights were used, I was just cleaning up my form. Log Clean and Press- 3×8 @ 155

 Close Grip Bench- 4×6 @ 185

Single Arm DB OHP- 3×5 @ 55-60

Face Pulls- 3×20

Arms- random stuff for a pump 

Until Next Time,

Train hard