Before we begin this conversation about what my split looks like, let’s go over the principles I make sure all my splits have.

  1. Start Too Light- If you start super heavy then you don’t have anywhere to go. Also no one gives a shit about your 225 pound squat, so build your strength because I promise you aren’t actually strong. 
  2. Emphasize Big, Multi-Joint Movements- For the 1000th time pay your dues on the bench, squat, deadlift and OHP. They are the bread and butter of most strong people’s training and they should be a part of yours. Unless you have a medical reason to not do them then train a variation of them. That is unless you are content having your wife open that jar of pickles you weren’t strong enough to pry open.
  3. Progress Slowly- This is a marathon not a race, so while you can run a crazy squat cycle and increase your numbers like crazy it might not be in your best interest long term. There are great programs out there that allow for high frequency lifting, so if you’re interested look at some Sheiko programs. Back to the point, slow progress over a long period of time is probably in your best interest as it allows you stay healthy.
  4. Break PRs- I don’t care if it is a rep PR or a 1RM, you need to do things you’ve never done before. This does not mean you have my blessing to max out every session. What it does mean is that you need to challenge yourself, don’t be an idiot.

Just so you guys know these ideas come from 531 and juggernaut, which were made by two very strong men named Jim Wendler and Chad Welsey Smith. 

Now that we have these concepts out of the way, let’s look at how I build my hypertrophy block.

  1. Choose a variation of the main movement that builds a strength/weakness- For this macrocycle I chose the high bar squat, incline bench, sumo deadlift and OHP. I chose these movements for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they’re the areas I struggled with the most during my most recent competition. Therefore, by building these areas up I am hoping to be stronger when I run a strength cycle.
  2. Choose an accessory movement that builds your variation- This seems like common sense right? I chose to do GHRs for bother squats and deadlifts. Why? Because I suck at them! For bench I chose 1-board and for OHP I chose floor press. These choices may seem odd but the overall goal is to improve my log press, so by getting stronger at these points I’m hoping it will carry over to my log press.
  3. Choose a third movement that builds a weakness- I chose Bulgarian split squats for quads because I noticed they were weak and small at the strong man competition. I chose to train my upper back on upper body days because your back can never be too strong.
  4. Train you freaking abs and calves guys… They’re boring and I’m bad about this but just get it done.

Don’t forget that when you run a hypertrophy block you should pick a weight that’s between 60-75% of your max and do it for sets of 6-10. My last squat day looked something like this:

High Bar Squat- 5×10@60%

GHR- 4×10 @bodyweight

Bulgarian- 3×12 @ 50lb DBs

Hanging Leg Raises- 3×15 @bodyweight

It was kinda hard to walk the next day, also keep in mind that your hypertrophy block is a really good time to try new things. If there’s a movement you have your eye on then throw it in there and give her a whirl.

Until Next Time, 

Call your mom, she misses you