As you guys know I’m currently running a hypertrophy block and today’s work out looked like this.

Sumo Deadlifts- 5×10@250 pounds. My sumo is way weaker than my conventional, so I started at 60% of my sumo and I plan on building it up.

Yoke Carry- 4×60’@ 400ish pounds. My goal was to keep all runs under 10 seconds, which I did reasonably well. 

Farmers Walk- 4×60@ 160 pounds per hand. I had the same goal as the yoke carry, and I convinced Shivani to join in on the fun. 

All in all, today was a pretty good training day. My recovery from the day before was pretty good, and my food intake was reasonable. I probably should’ve eaten more, but I had work until 3:30.