Okie doke folks, today was my testing day for high bar squats, and man did it go well! My previous max reps with 275 for high bar was around 13 so I had 15 in mind for my goal. Low-and-behold I got 20 reps, I got so excited that I didn’t even rack the barbell I just dropped it off my back! Thank goodness for bumper plates. All I have to say is thank God that I read scientific principles of training for strength, if it weren’t for that book this PR would’ve taken a lot longer.

High Bar Squats- 275×20

GHR- 5×10

Leg Extension- 2xF

Crawl to my car- 1x absolute failure 

My legs were so shot after this workout that I had trouble walking down the stairs afterwards. If you guys would be interested in what this macrocycle of training looked like percentage wise, let me know and I’ll make a post on it. As always if you have any questions regarding my training or you just want to talk shoot me an email at norris2396@yahoo.com.

Until Next Time, 

Bring a Wheel Chair on Leg Day