Piglet: What day is it Pooh?

Pooh: It’s back day Piglet.

Piglet: That’s my favorite day.

To me there aren’t many things more fun than training back. This is partially because it comes naturally to me, and partly because a strong back is the foundation to a strong physique. I’ve never seen a weak guy with a jacked back, they just don’t exist. Anyways, it’s important to train your back explosively and for reps in order to develop it fully. Today I kinda threw together a random back workout using some of my favorite exercises.

Hang Clean- I worked up to a single at 205 to work on my explosiveness. I struggled with the keg toss so I figured getting more explosive couldn’t hurt.

Chin-ups- I did these with my palms facing me and did 5×10.

Kroc Rows- These are really heavy dumbbell rows for really high reps. I’m talking 100 pound dumbbells for two sets of 20. Ow!

T-Bar Row- I was running short on time so I loaded up 4 plates and did a couple sets of 15-20.

Today felt pretty good and my back is absolutely dead. On another note I just got my first slingshot from howmuchyabench.net, so I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow and let you know how I like it!

Until Next Time,

Eat a Pizza, Salad is for Rabbits