I got to try the slingshot for the first time today and it was awesome! I was able to hit a couple sets of 8-10 at 225 pretty easily, so it’s definitely a great overload tool to use after your heavy work. I’ve acquired a couple new toys recently that I’m excited to throw into my programming during this next block. I obviously got the slingshot and I also got a benchblokz 2-5 board. I haven’t played with the benchblokz yet but I already have their 1/2-1 board benchblokz, and I’ve used it with pretty good success. I am not affiliated with either company so I’m giving an unbiased review. If you want to improve your form and handle some heavier weights definitely give both of these products a shot.

Today’s workout has been following the rest of the week as far as intensity goes. AMRAP at 75% of my training max, I got 14 reps at 125. It’s decent, not bad but not great either… I still have a lot of work to do on my pressing, and their ain’t nothing to do but to do it.

OHP- 125×14

1-Board 4×6@ 205- all the reps felt good and I didn’t slow down until the fourth set at which point I called it a day.

Slingshot 3×8-10@225 felt good and fast. Also it kept my upper back super tight, and my shoulders didn’t hurt at all.



Basic workout as usual. Do a lot for a little.

Until Next Time,

Train Heavy