After my strongman competition I was pretty burned out on training. I had been working hard for three months and doing everything I could to get stronger and better. And it definitely worked, but it was exhausting having to train 2 hours a day 4-5 times a week and eating over 4000 calories a day. I know that some of you are thinking something like, “I wish I could eat whatever I wanted all the time!” But there’s something you’re not recognizing… Putting on weight is just as hard for some people as losing it is to you. When I started the prep for the competition I weighed 195 pounds and when I competed I weighed 215. That’s 20 pounds in three months guys. Try to gain that much weight for a competition and tell me that it isn’t one of the hardest things you’ve ever done.

Anyways, now that my rant is over lets get back on topic. I’ve decided to resume training for strongman after taking a month off to do lighter workouts to let my body and mind rest a little bit. I made a lot of mistakes in my last prep and I found out what all of my glaring weaknesses are. Now it’s time to get back to work and see what I can bring to the table next time. My biggest weakness was definitely my pressing, I couldn’t even move the damn log off of my shoulders… To combat this I’m doing two pressing days a week to get sufficient volume in, some days will be bench focused and others will be overhead focused. It has been my experience that the bench press and the overhead press feed on eachother, so progress in one usually indicates progress on the other. Along with this, I will be using variations of bench presses as assistance work for my overhead because I enjoy them and they allow me to use heavier weights. This is important because when I miss a weight on OHP it’s always near lockout so strengthening my triceps will definitely help me build some static strength. However, I will still be focused on overhead pressing because it’s more important than benching for strongman. Therefore, my bench variations will be using things that help me overload the top half of the motion where my triceps will be the most engaged. I also plan on using Z-Press on some waves.

Okay now on to the programming. I will be using a variation of Cube for Strongman, but adding in an extra day for back work because your back can never be too big/strong! This puts me at a five day a week split, which I know that I can recover from until the weights get stupid heavy. I shouldn’t run into this issue because I’ll only have 1-2 Max Effort days a week, so my recovery should be fine. The majority of this split will be run without the use of bands and chains, except on speed days because they help me accelerate all the way through the lift. When you do speed days without the bands and chains your body protects the joints by making sure you don’t slam them,which means you deccelerate towards the top. By using bands and chains I can accelerate the whole lift without having to worry about doing damage to my joints.

Todays Workout was a Repetition Log Day, or in other words a lot of damn work…

Log Press- 5×5@ 145 I cleaned each rep, and that was probably the hardest part. I was pretty freaking tired after cleaning that log 25 times.

Slingshot Bench Press- 5×6@225 pounds. I’m still not used to the slingshot so I don’t want to go too heavy, but these felt really good and my triceps were absolutely smoked afterwards. Next week I plan on going up 10 pounds on this movement.

Pull-ups and Dips. I did 3 sets to failure of both movements just to get some work in controlling my bodyweight. I averaged 10-12 reps for pull-ups and 15-20 for dips.

Board-press for Triceps- 2×40. Okay let me explain why I did this! To be honest I don’t really have a reason, I just got a wild idea and decided to give it a shot. I have a new toy called a benchblockz, which has a 2-5 board to help overload the top of a bench. I decided to use a close grip and hammer my triceps, but I didn’t want to go super heavy. I decided to go with something I could probably bench for a 20RM and used a 2-board for 10 reps, then I moved it to a 3-board and did 10 reps, then a 4-board for 10 and then a 5-board for 10. I only used 155 pounds and my triceps are still hurting three hours later, holy freaking cow this burned. I essentially did 40 reps with my 20RM because I went from the hardest variation to the easiest with the same weight. Obvioulsy there are a ton of different ways to overload your triceps, but I’m going to keep this one in the rotation for the next couple weeks just to see how it carries over. Who knows it may not help anything, but at least I learned something.

If you managed to read this whole super boring post then thanks and here is a gold star for you! I hope you guys can learn something from this post, and as usual email me with any questions you may have!