Okay so I’ve been asked to make a vlog on my workouts, so next week I’ll be recording my important workouts. Also I have a few posts in the works regarding the workout-life balance and how often you should train. However, today I am hanging out with my girlfriend so all you guys are gonna get is a short post!

Hang Snatches 4×3@115- I kept it pretty light and worked on being as explosive as possible.

Pull-ups 50 total reps with bodyweight. It sounds easy until you try it :p

Kick Rows- I hit a PR with 110lbs for 20 reps per arm.

Cable Rows- 4×15

Behind the back shrugs on the smith machine- I have to do these in the machine because my butt is too big to do them with a regular barbell, I’m not kidding…

That’s it for today guys!