This workout went super well, to be honest it felt a little bit too easy. I know this sounds like a good thing and it felt great, but the issue that’s easy to run into is expecting all your workouts to feel like this. I’m going to take today as win, but I don’t expect every workout to feel like this.

3-Board Bench Press: 9×3@ 135+red mini bands so about 165 at the top. All the rest periods were about 30 seconds and all the sets were super explosive! 

Close Grip Bench: I worked up to a heavy-ish set of six and stayed there for a few sets. I hit 205 which felt smooth but hard so I did three sets of six.

Pull-ups and Facepulls: I did neutral grip pull ups for 5×5 and 5×20 on Facepulls where I focused on pulling the rope apart. I would normally do more but I have deadlifts tomorrow so I just went for a light pump.

Hammer Curls and Band Pushdowns: I did 3 sets of 10 with a 10 second pause on the last set for hammer curls, and 3 sets of 20 on band push downs with a 10 second pause on the last rep. The pump was real.

So yeah, that’s today’s successful workout! I’m also seeing suicide squad tomorrow so I decided to doodle! Yes I know I suck at drawing but I’m trying okay lol.