Today was the day of this three week wave where I was supposed to go for a PR of some sort on deadlifts and yoke. My previous deadlift PR was 465×2 so I decided I might as well try to get it for 3. I did but it wasn’t pretty. I now know that I need a better, tighter position in the bottom and I need to work on my upper back strength. I didn’t have his issue using a mixed grip, but I need to lock my form in with the straps. My lower back was way too rounded, honestly it was just ugly… I hit a PR but it definitely could’ve been cleaner, but then again under max weights you display where your weaknesses are. 

Deadlifts- 465×3

Yoke- I worked up to three plates a side and did two sixty foot runs. I don’t know exactly how much this weighed but it was fucking heavy.