It doesn’t matter if you’re a soccer mom or an athlete odds are you want to lose a little bit of weight, so you struggle for weeks on end to no avail. That little bit of fat is still clinging to you like a fat kid on a candy bar and you feel defeated. All the hours of cardio for nothing, you failed… Well guess what you were going about fat loss incorrectly the whole time. Yes you can shed some body fat by doing traditional cardio, but there are much more effective ways to shed this body fat.

  1. Sprints- You can do these on a treadmill, up some stadium steps, up a hill, pushing a prowler, the options are endless. Sprints are incredibly demanding and will torch your body in a way you probably haven’t felt in years. Pushing a prowler will make you wonder if losing all that body fat is truly worth the pain. A good rule of thumb from Jim Wendler is to do as many sprints as a respectable running back gets carries in a game, so around 15-20. Don’t start these running full force though, you’ll pull a hamstring and I’ll laugh when I see the video on YouTube. You aren’t Adrian Peterson so please stop acting like you are for the sake of your structural integrity.
  2. Weighted Carries- Pick up some heavy dumbbells and walk around until you can’t hold them anymore. What is that feeling over your whole body? That would be what hard work actually feels like, you’re welcome. Along with burning fat, weighted carries are great for core stabalization and increasing work capacity. Oh yeah, you’ll also never complain about carrying the groceries inside again!
  3. Complexes- I became aware of complexes via Dan John and I severely underestimated their effectiveness. On paper they look easy, but so does deadlifting and we’ve all seen some pretty bad fails there too. Try some of the complexes from this article out and see if you aren’t noticeabley leaner in a few weeks.

Dan John Complexes

In true Dan John style you should try to c0mbine some of these things together. For example try out front squats and sprints, or maybe pulling a sled while holding dumbbells. Your fat loss options are endless so get creative and have some fun!