Today I was supposed to work up to a heavy ass triple at 340 pounds with the SSB. It pretty much looks like a yoke for humans, and feels like a ton of bricks because of the way the weight sits forward. The whole time the bar feels like it’s dragging you down to hell by your neck so it’s great to practice keeping your arch. The pads on the bar look comfy until you have over 300 pounds sitting on your shoulders then all of a sudden you start questioning your decision making regarding this fit lifestyle. However, your girlfriend already has the camera out and it’s showtime. It’s like being strapped in on a rollercoaster, you don’t want to be there anymore, but it’s too late so cowboy up big boy.

SSB- I was supposed to hit 340 for 3, which would’ve been a PR… I one-upped myself and hit 5 reps, woot woot. This particular bar really pulls your upper body down, so when I go back to a straight bar staying upright will feel a ton easier. Also no I’m not fat, the way you have to breathe to lift heavy requires that you breath into your core and lower back to inflate it like an inner tube. This protects your lower back, spine and core from damage.

SSB- 2×5@ 85% of 5RM

Bulgarian Split Squats- 2×15

That was it for today, on max effort days I keep my volume pretty low and stick to the main movements with a couple back down sets. This gives me a sufficient volume to intensity workload for the day. Also after a real max effort workout there won’t be alot of gas in the tank anyways, so keep that in mind. The other two weeks of wave have much more volume because they have a lower intensity, this allows me to get enough work in while keeping my strength up.