Alright this post has the opportunity to get rant-ish because the whole body shaming thing really pisses me off. It’s also going give a lot of you insight from an athletes perspective on the topic of body shaming, which many athletes, myself included, are scared to talk about. The reason why I’m scared is because I have a sinking feeling that the Twinkie Brigade is going to start yelling, “Curves are beautiful and I love food!” Yes curves are beautiful and I also like food, but those aren’t curves and that isn’t real food.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love junk food as much as the next person and I don’t judge overweight people for eating unhealthy because I’m sure they have their reasons for eating like they do. Life is stressful and not everyone wants to be muscular and in shape. I get that and that’s fine, but what bothers me are the people who are telling others that being 5’5 and weighing over 250 pounds is beautiful and healthy. I’m sorry but it’s not, please go see a registered dietician who can help you lose the weight in a healthy way.

I’m not a small person myself, I’m 6’1 and around 200-220 pounds depending on the month/how far out from a contest I am. People feel me walk into rooms because I take up all the oxygen and space. I’m not some 150 pounds keyboard warrior telling you guys that the most important thing in life is a six-pack, the most important thing is to be healthy, strong and feel good.

Can you walk up stairs without wanting to die? Can you play tag with your kids for more than 5 minutes? If you answered no to either of these questions then your quality of life is not very good. I realize that this went from body shaming to fitness, but I promise this is going somewhere. You don’t need a six-pack or a big ass to be beautiful, but you do need a baseline of fitness to be truly happy. This has nothing to do with how you look and more to do with how you function. However, the advocates of Big is Beautiful are telling you to eat that burger, drink that beer and to top it off with BBQ slathered onion rings. They’re right, do what you want with your life, but you need to understand that you’ll probably (key word probably) hate what you see in the mirror. Don’t blame the media for your image issues, don’t blame your mom and don’t blame your genetics if you aren’t doing anything to fix the problem. This is like that kid in school who complains he failed his math test, but didn’t study for it. Yeah kid, your ass was going to fail, put your big boy britches on and study. Same thing with being obese, if the mirror is a test and you eat pizza every damn day you’re going to fail. We can obviously make exceptions for weight gain due to medications, so lets get that out of the way. Fuck what the scale says, how you see yourself is what matters because that’s what you have to live with. I know guys with bigorexia who think they’re too small so they inject all sorts of chemicals in their body to get bigger, once again if you’re doing this for a sport like bodybuilding then do you boo-boo because you have your end goal in mind. Fix your mind and work towards your goal, don’t rely on the scale, rely on what you see and what you CAN do to fix it rather than what you can’t do.

The best part about this movement is that it is teaching people to love themselves and not let the scale/magazine covers determine their life. The worst part is that it has largely failed advocate a healthy lifestyle and has started to fit-shame people. You don’t believe me? Go look at any fit girls instagram and read all the negative comments she gets. “Oh my God, her muscles are so gross,” or “Why would anyone want to look like that, eat a cheeseburger!” or my favorite, “I bet she doesn’t have a life, boyfriend or any friends because all she cares about is her body.” A quick tap on many of these girl’s instagram accounts shows that she’s been dating the same guy for 2 years, has a ton of friends from within the fitness community and eats good food on a regular basis. Wow who would’ve thought that the same people who advocate body acceptance would body shame girls who want to be healthy… The hypocrisy of the movement is what bothers me more than anything, just because you like being curvy doesn’t mean that every girl wants to be. If you are truly an advocate of body acceptance you would let fit people be fit and sedentary poeple be sedentary all while advocating against obesity and anorexia. I truly believe that this is how the movement started, with the good intentions of saying, “Do you boo-boo,” but it very quickly turned into, “If you look better than me naked you must be ______.”

To be honest with you guys almost every good idea these days has been turned into something much more aggressive than the creators of the movement wanted. This is always going to happen but it doesn’t mean that we as a collective have to drink the diabetes kool-aid. The whole point of this post comes down to this; accept people for who they are, and set small achievable goals for yourself. Never go to an extreme to get temporary results and never be complacent, always strive towards something better. I don’t care what it is either, if you want to lose 50 pounds then break into 1 pound increments and be happy with every pound you lose. If your goal is to eat healthier don’t throw out every unhealthy thing in your house. For a week don’t eat potato chips, the next week buy low fat ice cream instead of full fat, the next week add in 2 pieces of fruit per day. Before you know it you will have created a healthy lifestyle without all the food cravings. Obviously the more extreme your goals the more you will have to do, but little adjustments are what make big differences. In fitness 3+3=12 and it’s not because we’re bad at math, it’s because your efforts compound they don’t add up.

Body shaming should not be an issue because we should be accepting as a people, we fail each other every time we judge a fat or skinny person. Be a positive voice in a negative world and change someone’s life because you never know what a word of encouragement will mean to them. Understand that there isn’t some wizard waving his wand around that put you where you are today, the decisions you’ve made are the reasons you’re there, and the decisions you make in the future will decide where you end up 5 years from now. Don’t blame anyone for what has gone wrong and don’t let anyone take credit for your successes. Own your life, make adjustments and you’ll amaze yourself with what you achieve.

Until Next Time,

Do You Boo-boo