Before today I was convinced that I didn’t need a group to get strong, and to a large extent I still believe this to be true. However, there is a limit to how far you can push yourself and how much you can learn alone. If two heads are better than one, then maybe a room full of guys jacked up on testesterone with 5 brain cells between all of us can learn how to get strong faster together than alone.

Saturdays at 360 are event days and most of the time we go to a technical max on a movement and then do some weighted carries and event work. I thought that today would be no different, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I hit 220 on the axle press and had to bail on 240 because the weight got too far behind me, oh well. After this we moved on to keg carry for 40 yard runs, which I did with 275 (not amazing but not too bad either). Then the big daddy of them all that everyone hates, the Hussafel Stone… It’s shaped like a tomb stone because it’s one goal is to kill your will to live.

We slapped 230-240 in this bad boy and tried to do the same thing with it as we did with the keg. I got down and about a quarter of the way back before it slipped out of my hands and slammed to the ground… oh shit. I try to pick the stone back up and it won’t budge, it keeps slipping out of my hands… dammit dammit dammit why won’t this thing move? I start walking off to get chalk and the father figure of the gym comes over and starts yelling at me, telling me that, “We don’t quit here, you don’t stop until you’re done!”

Okay fine old man let’s go!

I still can’t budge the damn thing and now everyone is staring at me watching me fail. I’m still getting yelled at and he brings me some chalk and tells me to put on a dry shirt (I was literally swimming in sweat at this point). Alright it’ll definitely budge this time right? Wrong, the fucker is still stuck to the ground like someone gorilla glued it there. He takes a 25 out and I can carry the thing another 15 feet before it falls out of my arms again, what the hell is wrong with me today? He comes up and takes the last 25 out and I still can’t move the thing. I’m in so much pain from the last 3 minutes that I have tears of pain, frustration and anger running running down my face along with some blood running down my forearms.

He looks at me and say, “We don’t cry when it’s hard, we cry when we’re done.”

Alright fair enough, so I pick up this stupid ass stone and carry it the remaining 15-20 feet and collapse on the ground in a pile of literal blood, sweat and tears. I have no clue what he said afterwards because my ears were ringing and I was trying to tell God that it wasn’t my time to go yet, but I did hear the words every guy wants to hear, “I’m proud of you son.”

There are times in your training career when you literally cannot push yourself any harder, seriously no matter how much you want to move forward you’ll get stuck. This is where having a great group of training partners will carry you a long, long way. If you fail a weight and it gets in your head one of the guys will call you a pussy and make you try it again. If you are absolutely out of energy and can’t move another inch, they will literally drag you the last 15 feet to the finish line. Why? Because your group is your family and family doesn’t let you quit, no matter how much it hurts or how bad you want to stop. All those inspirational quotes you read don’t matter when you’re deep in a set and struggling, what matters is those people around you that love you and want to push you to be better than they are. You’ll never work as hard for others as you will for yourself, but you sure as hell won’t work as hard for yourself as you will for family.

Until Next Time,

Stay Strong