Hey Guys, Gals and Toasters (or whatever you identify as),

My name is Grant Norris, I’m a 2o year old student at the University of Texas at Dallas (yes it is for the rejects of UT) and I am studying finance. However, my true passion lies in the fitness industry, but not the one a lot of people think of. When one pictures the fitness industry they tend to think of the guy who has a 500-pack and bathes in baby oil and the tears of the morbidly obese. My passion is strength sports, you know the ones that your mom cringes at when she watches it the one time of year it’s on tv, whether it is strongman, powerlifting, highland games or cross fit. The name of the sport doesn’t matter to me, just the raw power and athleticism that the physique sports are missing. If you’re anything like me then you’ll probably agree that watching monsters like Brian Shaw and Big Z battle it out on the last event at WSM is way cooler than watching Kai Greene lose to Phil Heath every year in a man thong pose down. While I have a lot of respect for physique athletes, I just don’t find pleasure in how they train or how they have to eat to look the way that they do.

Heavy Barbell will be about strength sports, more strength sports and then if something awesome happens in bodybuilding I’ll write about that too. I’ve trained for powerlifting for about two years and have recently decided to attempt my first strongman competition, I will try to keep my training log up to date on this blog, and you can watch me get my butt kicked by people who are actually strong.

 Until next time, remember to switch butt cheeks when you inject.